Client/Contractor Relationship

In a print-on-demand environment that specializes in 3D printing and laser engraving services, the client/contractor relationship is primarily focused on delivering customized and high-quality products. To begin, clients submit their design requirements, such as 3D models, images, or logos, which are used to create physical products using advanced printing and engraving technology. The contractor’s role is to provide consultation on the optimal printing or engraving processes to create the final products as per the client’s specifications. The contractor guides the client on the best materials, sizes, and finishes to achieve the desired results. The client must trust the contractor’s expertise, pricing, and delivery timelines. The contractor communicates with the client throughout the production process, from design to delivery, to ensure that the final product maintains quality standards and meets deadlines. The client/contractor relationship in a print-on-demand environment with 3D printing and laser engraving services must remain transparent, timely, and collaborative to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

No project is too large or too small, including those that require a very quick turnaround time.”





Average turnaround time is between one and three business days. 

Laser cutter size max is 20 x 27 inches

We cut almost anything (excluding metal or things that have chlorine)! We offer both small scale or industrial-scale production.

Prototyping & Product Development
We can help you develop your prototype at a fraction of the cost of other services. Develop your prototype from idea to full-scale production with our laser cutting services. We can personalize any project you may have in mind.
Metal engraving
Bring your design or our designer can help you. We can engrave a wide variety of metals.


Awards and Trophies
We can cut or engrave award and trophy from a large variety of materials.
We can create a custom gift or personalize engraving on an item you provide to us.
Christmas ornaments
We can laser cut or engrave a Christmas ornament for you. Put (engrave) your name or image on an ornament.
We can create individual letters to 20 x 27 In.
Name badges
We can design or make anywhere from a few name badges to as many as you need for your company or event.
We can create intricate and complex stencils up to 20 x 27 In.
Rubber stamps
We can make custom stamps out of 100% rubber.
We can laser cut or engrave a variety of leathers.
We can laser cut wedding invitations, birthday cards in a variety of designs.
We can help bring your project to life and fabricate or create your new products or ideas.
We can laser cut fabric as long as it does not contain vinyl or Chlorine.